Purpose-built panels for hazardous or non-hazardous environments.

NEMA Certified Enclosures

Panels are built for safety and ease-of-use.

Operator Interfaces

Intuitive Human-Machine Interfaces and lamp displays.


Reduces project costs and maintains schedule.


Control and Safety Panels
We design and fabricate control and safety panels that are built specifically for our customers’ individual applications. We utilize a variety of hardware vendors to ensure new/retrofit projects integrate seamlessly into the new/existing system.

In-house Design and Fabrication
Our engineering and technical team have a focused expertise in panel CAD design and fabrication for panels in hazardous or non-hazardous environments. We work with our customers’ team to produce the intuitive graphical displays and interfaces.

Panel Features
Our panels are built with operation and maintenance personnel in mind. Lights, user interfaces, easy-access field wiring, detachable components, grapple loops and intuitive labeling are all standard recommendations.

Regulatory and Standards Compliant
Our panels are built to meet all required regulations and standards whether it be in North America, Europe, the Middle East, or the USA.